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KIMOJI by Kim Kardashian West gives you access to 1000+ emoji, stickers, and GIFs! Includes the full iMessage app and integrated QWERTY keyboard extension. Works in all messaging applications where the copying and pasting of images and GIFs is supported. New designs are always being added, so install now and start building your collection! KIMOJI is compatible with iPhones running iOS 11 and above. Please contact if you are experiencing any issues. Support: Privacy Policy & Terms of Use:



  • My Fav Emojis are the Kimojis

    By LÿlÿKardäshän
    I really love this App and since i got it and i used with all my friends and lovers they want it to get it too just to chat with me 🤗
  • Love the KIMOJI

    By lexylex.
    Love it cause I use it when I wanna be a hoe on the weekends or when I’m being petty. Thank Kim K😂
  • pretty decent!

    By Angelo waffle
    theyre cool and quirky stickers but like half of them have white backgrounds so i cant use them in my imessage as if i wanted to put it on a picture or another sticker without the white background completely blocking everything! :( wish all the stickers had transparent backgrounds and not just some
  • Needs better organization

    By Kaptainkurtt
    Can we please get an organization update! I hate that there are gifs mixed in with the still stickers. Also, the emojis are not organized well. It’s so hard to scroll and find what you are looking for. They are all over the place! Show us some love Kim!
  • KIMOJI is nice, but...

    By colorme+1
    Too many of the Kim images look too much like Kylie, they were more obviously Kim than Kylie a few updates ago...
  • Everytime you open the app or go to msg

    By Mkkate
    It always downloads everytime you open it and click the stickers on imsgs, its not like other stickers that are already there it takes forever to download. Really slow app
  • Loved at first...

    By Mollipopstar
    Okay I absolutely am obsessed with these emojis but... they don’t work on instagram or Snapchat which is a total bummer and sucky.
  • Awesome

    By Emmanuel pietersz
    The app is awesome but i would love some more variety like more kim emojiss
  • Where's the Booty?!!

    By Bringbootyback
    I've had this app since day 1 of its release. The cut and paste never really bothered me, as I am only using them in texts with my boyfriend. But after the recent update, I noticed the booty emojis are no longer there!!! THOSE WERE THE FUN ONES! I noticed a ton of icons are no longer available. I guess they were too inappropriate? But still, that's what MADE this app. Please bring them back. 😢
  • Too Slow

    By Hushness82
    Hi! I do love it. Just takes a long time to load. Everytime you close and reopen needs to reload. That’s the only concern I have. Hope this can be fix ASAP.