The ESO App

The ESO App

By Andrew Carlton

  • Category: Reference
  • Release Date: 2015-12-13
  • Current Version: 2.5.5
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 59.19 MB
  • Developer: Andrew Carlton
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 9.1 or later.
Score: 4.5
From 220 Ratings


The essential companion app for The Elder Scrolls Online community. Explore Tamriel. Dive into Delves. Browse the Library. Find lore books, skyshards and delves, easily either using the region maps or our in-built search option. Mark off your crafting research. Create and store builds. This app does not use internet once downloaded. So no more long load times or incorrect positions. All lorebooks locations come with a short description to help you locate those hard to find books. We hope you enjoy and please leave a review!! Follow us on Instagram @the_eso_app to keep up to date with all the latest news. Nexu Industries Australia @nexu_industries This is an unofficial application with no affiliations to ZeniMax or Bethesda.



  • Mixed Opinions - Fantastic and Terrible

    By DarcSparc
    My Previous review was long, and I wanted you to actually read it, so I’ve removed my first impression and provided an updated opinion. THE GOOD: 5/5 - Maps This is where this app shines. Maps look beautiful, placement is spot on, character toggling works perfectly. Love it. Worth $2 just for this section. In fact, regardless of the bad I’ve listed below, it’s absolutely worth your purchase for the maps, so just buy it and support the developer so he makes all the improvements I’ve listed below. Yes, please pay him money so he gives me what I want 😝. THE BAD: 1/5 - Backup Non-Existent I discovered a feature where you can email your character profile to yourself. The problem is it doesn’t work. I’ve tried opening a transfer on both my iPad and my iPhone. It does literally nothing. No other backup exists. Because this is such a lengthy process (it took me about 5-6 hours to fully set up 4 characters in the app with relevant data), lack of backup is about the worst thing this developer could fail at. I would literally change my rating to 4 stars with a functional backup and to 5 stars if it actually had a “sync” between devices. 2/5 - Swiping Swiping is great until it’s not. The secondary action of then needing to click a star is fine until about the 10th time. After the 1000th time you want to slam your face into a concrete wall. This should have been swipe left to indicate completion and swipe right to clear, or simply swipe left again to clear. If feels clunky after doing it repeatedly, and i hope gets some attention by the developer. 1/5 - Selected Character You choose your character, and the name is specified on the top bar of the app. The moment you drill down into one of the crafting menus, you literally have no way to know which character you are editing. This is a complete fail. If you are trying to track multiple characters and switching between them it is incredibly easy to get lost and start making changes to the wrong character. There is no change log provided, so if you are stuck in this predicament, you get to manually go through your characters all over again!!! Waste of time and could easily be solved by the developer. 1/5 - Crafting Research Let’s face it, a lot of us want to track crafting research. Now, I am not complaining about the lack of crafting timers. These would be a huge plus, but I also realize they could be complicated to implement with the benefit to crafting via ESO plus, timer changes as you learn more traits, etc. No, I am referring to the fact you can’t compare what one of your characters know versus the others. This is very simple to implement. There absolutely should be a crafting section on the Resources tab that lets you drill into any specific trait, and lets you know which characters have learned it or not yet researched it. We are already providing the developer with this data by taking the hours to swipe it and click it into the character section. The lack of the feature is huge. You know that staff with “decisive” that just dropped? Yeah, you have to click into, and about of about 10 menus to find out for each character and must remember or write down on paper who needs to learn it. Yeah. Complete fail. 1/5 BUG with Character Deletion In my original review, I noted I had incredible difficulty deleting my first character, which was named incorrectly due to autocorrect on my phone. The deletion of a character actually works perfectly fine with one major exception - you cannot delete the current selected character. Yup, if the character is highlighted, you can ONLY reset. So if you create one character and want to delete, you will swipe yourself into oblivion and the Daedra eat your heart for desert. Molag Bal will devour your soul as you swipe for eternity. FINAL NOTE: Again, I’ve been using this quite a bit for the past day or two, and I’ve not played with all features. I will post another update after I’ve used the application in full.
  • It’s good for maps

    By adamcap psfourna
    It’s great for maps, shows where everything is, but it won’t let me select anything. I can’t put what motifs I have, I can’t put what skyshards I have competed. If I figure it out, or it works later I’ll change my review.
  • The app is great at everything it does.

    By Tylerloliver
    And it does nearly everything. I would love to see an achievement and skill point tracker added or for the crafting checklist to include furnishing recipes, but it literally covers everything else and makes gathering skyshards/lore books and finding/unlocking points of interest on the map so much easier for console players. The only thing missing there is a point of interest marker for those locations indicated with the eye symbol once uncovered.
  • Wonderful but...

    By Manbearpig X2
    Can you update the Craglorn map with Skyshards. Kinda bought the pro version because I thought it would’ve had it on there. But overall a wonderful and very useful app!
  • Good but not great

    By iCherryPanda
    There’s a lot that could be added to make this app much more useful. Instead of just checking off recipes you’ve found, how about having a log we can check what we need for recipes that we have? One of the most annoying things in ESO is that you must be at a cooking fire in order to see the ingredients needed for provisioning. This app would be worth so much more if it offered a list of provisioning items needed for the recipes you’ve already acquired. Other than that, it’s a pretty good app. I look forward to improvements.
  • Everything in One Place

    By Dcast89
    Maps are super helpful when clearing a zone to find missing items (sky shards, lore books, etc.) and app supports marking items as complete on your character so you check what you need. Crafting info is helpful to have in one place as well. Also supports a PC add-on to auto import some of this data for you. Great interface and just got a nice facelift update. Active developer on social media as well. Overall great companion app while playing!
  • Great app but I have several issues

    By Francescu
    Love the app and am connected to ESO but I wish the dev would show if the connection was successful or not as well as the sync as I don’t see any changes. I cannot delete a Character from the app. Am using an iPhone X and tapping on the top bar from the achievements panel does nothing. Also tapping on a Character does nothing. Isn’t it supposed to show more details about the Char?? Would appreciate if the dev could reply here. Thanks for supporting this app! 👍🙏

    By xXxGUZxXx
    I lost all my character information because the upload feature does not work.
  • Updated for Summerset... mostly

    By QueenMab@99
    Summerset update has gone out, but there are still several missing items like potential drops for the new DLC and jewelry survey locations. Are there plans to complete the updates for the new DLC?
  • Horrible poorly developed app don’t buy

    By Charleselee87
    I accidentally bought this app it is so bad. I can not do anything as far as what is in the description. I have an iPhone 8 Plus and I cannot even click on anything but the map. Thumbs down!!!!