Rolling Sky

Rolling Sky

By Cheetah Technology Corporation Limited

Score: 4.5
From 47,895 Ratings


Stunn scenes with amazing 3D effects; one-touch operation, easy to use! Swipe left and right to control the ball. Follow the music, dodge the obstacles, and conquer the world! Abundant game scenes for you to unlock: Mountains, Universe, Forest, Snowhill, Inferno... Stay tuned for more surprises and bonuses! Wed love to hear your precious feedback and suggestions. Please contact us: Business Cooperation: Cheetah Mobile is now sincerely looking to cooperate with all the amazing mobile game developers globally and achieve mutual success! We are looking forward to your excellent games! Contact us on: Privacy Policy:



  • I love rolling sky

    By Yfghggjj
    I love rolling sky but I am really not sure if I like it
  • Bad

    By Mr_Steve123
    Way too many adds and it’s really pricy.
  • 2 ideas for this amazing game

    By JaydenJenk
    I love this game it’s my favorite I have a few things they should add though that might be fun you should add a new skin that cost 500 puzzle things and make it have a 50% chance of giving you a randomized effect on you, My second idea is they should add level creator it would be fun so we could make levels and have others try it but they have to beat there own level to make sure it’s possible if so this game would be fun any other agreements? ;)
  • Amazing soundtracks

    By Helicopter Master 3000
    When I first downloaded the the game there were 7 or 8 levels. All of them had cool tracks to them but they didn’t really come out to my liking. Then when Monody and Illusion came along, both of their soundtracks blew me away and I’ve got to say, Rolling Sky has came a long way since making awesome levels. Some of my favorites are World Cup, Dazzle, Mental Rave, and Reggae. Of course there are other levels I like but those would have to be my top favorites for now. Keep up the good work. From Helicopter Master 3000
  • New update

    By Gettoch
    Cheetah Mobile can you make an update in which you can unlock the level soundtrack permanently because for some reason when I get to faded remix, it won’t show it. Please help. By the way can you four levels. 1. Owl 2. Grapefruit 3. Helicopter 4. Bee If you see this and if you do that, Kudos to you.
  • Overwhelming ads

    By Iwishilikedit
    This game is fun. You will have to watch between 2-4 ads before you can play. And then you have to watch multiple ads between each turn. This is a challenging game so you will die a lot. In about 10 minutes I think I saw about 10 ads. TO MUCH.
  • Disappointed.

    By HossHaven
    First of all, I love the game! But, my mood got flushed down the toilet when you wanted me to pay for this level, FADED REMIX. Listen cheetah, I need that level, I don’t want to pay, and I have a YouTube channel mostly on Rolling Sky! If you don’t change this in the next update, I’ll lose it! I might lose subscribers! In conclusion, please fix this and I will be happy again. Hunter
  • Purched the app when it first came out, now I gotta pay

    By oAlmightyOneo
    I supported and purchased this app, full price when it first came out. This granted me unlimited balls and the maps at the time. I understand they have added new maps and updates but now I gotta pay for extra balls on the old maps?!? Terrible... In the words of the famous Nick Cage, “NOT COOL”
  • Love it!

    By Coolhannahgirl
    The game is so fun. And the music is so amazing!!! One of the best apps on my phone! And I love how it’s so additive!! This is a 5 star game hands down!!
  • Fun but savage

    By Hcappa
    Rolling sky is really fun. It’s new level faded remix is quite a “funded” (#puns) level. But a huge flaw in the game is it being savage. In faded remix, you try a level 15 times to unlock it permanently NOT. It’s for 1 day and that day only. And don’t let that get you rushing because you are so close then the game kicks you out at 62% saying you have to buy the level. Ugh... SAVAGE. Carter