Rolling Sky

Rolling Sky

By Cheetah Technology Corporation Limited

Score: 4.5
From 50,616 Ratings


Stunn scenes with amazing 3D effects; one-touch operation, easy to use! Swipe left and right to control the ball. Follow the music, dodge the obstacles, and conquer the world! Abundant game scenes for you to unlock: Mountains, Universe, Forest, Snowhill, Inferno... Stay tuned for more surprises and bonuses! Wed love to hear your precious feedback and suggestions. Please contact us: Business Cooperation: Cheetah Mobile is now sincerely looking to cooperate with all the amazing mobile game developers globally and achieve mutual success! We are looking forward to your excellent games! Contact us on: Privacy Policy:



  • What Happened to This Game.?!.?

    By 1564274
    For all you people out there who get this game. Cheetah is literally making this game a disaster i used to play this game when it first game out and it was WAY better in the old days every time you used to die you could play again now every time you die here is a mother freaking AD every time and you also have lives now.? And the way the menu is set up is so BAD Cheetah what have you done to make such a good game so bad..? Remove the ads and get rid of Lives you basically forcing us to buy no ads it’s so annoying getting an ADD every time and until that fixes I’m uninstalling the game
  • Too many adds and inappropriate for kids...

    By Atticus2468
    There’s way too many adds and some of them are aimed at adults.
  • Please read

    By 🍿🍫🍬🍰
    I think it would be fun to also battle real people and if you win 1st place you get an award.It would be more challenging and more fun and interesting.
  • To many ads but other then that it’s a fun game

    By hi😜🤔😂
    I will be playing, and after I die an ad will pop up every time after I die it seems like. I download the game to play not to watch ads. I do under stand that you need ads to make money. It’s not fun having to watch an ad more then actual playing time.Some good things about it is the music is fun to listen too 😁 and in my opinion I think you have to memorize how to get to end of the level.I also think that THEY ARE VERY GOOD AT COMING UP WITH NEW LEVELS CONSISTENTLY so you never get bored.A good addition that they added was the check point,the one bad thing about this is that you need hearts or more lives and to get three hearts or lives you need to watch an ad 🙄.I do really like the game and I would recommend this game to anyone just be prepared for the ads.
  • AWSOME but

    By lilbork2468
    Buy this game! It’s so fun and challenging. There are many levels to choose from. You have to time things well sometimes and move your ball fast from side to side, but you have to pay for no ads and for infinite balls. It can be pricey. I suggest making it less pricey and less ads for more playing. Beside that though I recommend it!😁
  • So fun and challenging!!!!

    By Corgggi
    I love to play this game. The music is very nice and I listen to it all the time. There are really no bad things to say. Make sure to check out other games!!!! Corggi
  • trash

    By shopbedoo
    Make this game better u bumbaclot
  • 3 hearts or none?

    By RDQ_YT
    So right now I am working on beating Joker. When I run out of hearts it asks me to watch an ad to gain 3 hearts. When I watch it it doesn’t give me ANY in return. Is this some kind of glitch? Please fix this bug it is really annoying 😡😡🤬 but overall this is a very good game 5 stars 👍👍 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ keep up the good work! ~Raina Dat Kween
  • Dum ads

    By CJO88
    I keep watching an ad for a nother life and I did not give me the life.
  • OK

    By JoeyNikkiTyler